Pravat Bhusal

Professional software development, a click away.

Hi, I'm Pravat.

With several years of experience in the industry, I provide a comprehensive set of solutions to software problems. In fact, I've developed many projects for small businesses, start-ups and larger industries.

In addition, I've established connections with fellow designers and programmers that can lead your ideas to success.

I excel at learning new technologies, and better approaches to projects, to deliver a project to a client exceeding his or her expectations. I've experienced multiple obstacles throughout my career and will always be ready to take new challenges.

My objectives are to develop effective, organized, and diligent projects to fit a client's exact requirements. I'm highly professional and communicative, always delivering software solutions to a range of consumers.

Web Design & Build

With several years of experience in the industry I can bring your thoughts to life. I am dedicated and passionate about your designs. Using the latest technology and hardware, I can provide an affordable service with stunning results.

Mobile Development

Over 77% of Americans own a smart-phone of some kind. I am able to program an entire enterprise to a small start-up application, whilst making it accessable for both IOS and Android devices.

Database Management

Billions of people store data throughout the Internet. I can create a database with an organized and secure structure so you can keep your data in-tact.

Partial Re-Design

Happy with your website? Only want to change some fonts or colors? I can make those changes for you. Maintaining your websites build, style and functionality while making requested adjustments for cost-effective pricing.

Data Science

IDC predicts the world's data will grow to 175 zetabytes by 2025. No matter the size of your data set I can analyze it to discover trends, fit machine learning models, then visualize it using statistical diagrams.

Software Engineering

With several years in the industry, I can program a desktop or complex software application that meets your needs. Whether it's a web-server, API, or mobile app, I can deliver.








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